If forced with a lethal weapon to pick only three albums to listen to forever I would choose...
 (In no particular order.)

1. Muse - Showbiz.

Released in 1999, for me this album changed my life musically. I had already been invested in bands such as Foo Fighters and Nirvana however it was the experimentation, the falsetto and the fuse of many sounds that drew me to this album. Musically for me, every song is stunning and I can honestly say this album has never bored me. I can still remember hearing songs such as Sunburn and Cave for the first time and being able to really identify myself amongst it. Falling Down however is probably my favourite track on the album, for me it is perfection.

2. Florence and the Machine - Lungs.

Listen to this album and tell me that one of the songs is bad. Yes, I mean it. Go on! No? EXACTLY. Lungs is one of those albums that you know will stand the test of time, Florence Welch appears to know exactly what she is doing. The underlying theme of the album is of course that reliance on that special someone being the air that you breath however instead of focusing on the bits that personally make me feel a little nauseous she dives deep into the bits we'd normally prefer to ignore. Florence's talent to translate emotion into her singing voice without doing what I will label as a 'Carly' (sounding like a wounded animal) is truly beautiful. I have to say, I am also rather partial to a bit of harp fan-girling.

3. David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

Oh my, David! I have so much love for this man. Again, this album was one of those 'my life is now allowed to be over' ones... much like Showbiz. I probably found this album at the perfect time - at the age of about thirteen or fourteen in which I felt Bowie understood my teenage angsts and made this CD especially for me. I still like to secretly believe that this is true now. The lyrics on this album just blow me away.

Lots of love,

First (unedited) University newspaper article.
 Every month I write an article for the University Newspaper called Flex and I thought that I would share my (unedited) articles with the LiveJournal world. I should probably point out that this was edited to be made more formal...

"So, how many of you have heard of Roller Derby? If you have, good for you – if not, get ready to be educated on a sport which involves roller skates and a little bit of rough and tumble. The American sport was first born in the 1930s and after a minor downturn in popularity during the 1960s and 1970s Roller Derby has returned strong and defiant within the last ten years and this is something that Cornwall has not wanted to miss out on. The Cornwall Roller Derby, created by Little Dead Riding Hood and Bloody Nora is a non-profit organisation based both here in Falmouth and Newquay, which promotes the sport itself as well as participating in it. With the Cornwall Roller Derby being introduced as recently as 2010, it is becoming a rapidly popular in not only its reputation as an exciting, entertaining and an incredibly physical sport but also as a community sport allowing for everybody to have a go and see how they get on. A common myth related to Roller Derby is that it is a woman only sport and of course this just is not true – Cornwall Roller Derby has women’s, men’s and mixed gender teams and so nobody is left out of this sport.
So what does the sport involve? The game itself, relayed in simple terms, involves two teams on a flat, oval-shaped track with one member of each team trying to lap the track to obtain points whilst the rest of their team try to block their opponent. This of course all happens on quad skates, making it just that little bit more difficult! However, Roller Derby is so much more than the game itself, it is also the community spirit and support of the teams, it is the creation of a bad-ass personality through the creation of player names, brightly coloured outfits and it is that feeling that you obtain that you are involved in such a radical and empowering sport and a movement which is growing within these Cornish parts. If you would like more information please e-mail cornwall-roller-derby@hotmail.com."

This is my first article and I hope to gain a lot more experience and understanding with time.

 It's always really hard to know how to start these things so I thought that I would go down the easy route of introducing myself...

Age: Twenty-three years Nationality: British Favourite Smell: Pancakes.

The boy in the picture is my other half, he has wonderful hair and smells like chocolate. This photograph was taken in my shared house in Cornwall. I am currently studying English Literature with Creative Writing and I love it here - the sea is so close!

Current career aspirations: Teacher or Journalist.

Fingers crossed this all turns out okay.

Lots of love,



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